Bright Idea Lab Inc. presents DeckBones™ Solitaire Tile Decks

DeckBones Solitaire Decks for Tight Spaces

DeckBones solitaire decks are tile sets of standard playing card suits and values, including jokers.

DeckBones are available in two sizes – NANO and MICRO – and are ideal for miniaturized, ergonomic game play of classic Klondike solitaire and other games where space is limited.

The Whispers of Qaeos & Classic Klondike Solitaire

“The kingdoms of The Gar worked peaceably together for thousands of years, building trade, prosperity and respect … then came Qaeos, the Dragon Queen.

Qaeos and her minions ravished the land, plundered its resources and enslaved its people, aided by allies within the ranks of the kingdoms themselves.

You have three days to outwit the forces of Qaeos, free the royals, nobles and subjects of the kingdoms, restore order, and collect your reward.”

VIDEO: Classic Klondike Solitaire playthrough with DeckBones NANO and playmat

Klondike Solitaire – Unplugged

Go offline:

  • Step away from your phone
  • Close your laptop
  • Walk away from your desktop
  • Ignore alerts & messages
  • Tune out and dive in

DeckBones let you play classic solitaire (and other card games) offline using LESS SPACE than a full-sized deck of cards, with LESS FIDDLING, flipping and aligning of slippery card stacks.

  • NEW lore
  • FUN gameplay variants
  • UNIQUE Insurrection expansion

Escape the wrath of digital, inject a touch of QAEOS into your games … it may just help you stay sane and SURVIVE to fight another day.

Escape the wrath of digital, inject a touch of QAEOS into your games … it may just help you stay sane and SURVIVE to fight another day.


  • Available in NANO tiles (3/4″ x 1/2″)(19mm x 12mm) or MICRO tiles (1-1/8″ x 3/4″) (28mm x 19mm)
  • Ergonomic ‘bone’ shape — easy to pick up, manouver and manipulate
  • Play card games in extremely tight spaces
  • Use anywhere — coffee shop, lap desk, brief case
  • Pocket-sized, light-weight


Standard Deck Tiles

  • 52 x Standard Card Value Bone Tiles (Ace to King of Clubs, Spades, Hearts & Diamonds)
  • 2 x Joker Bone Tiles
  • 1 x Dungeon / Storage / Travel Bag
  • Printable PDF Instructions & Guide

Insurrection Expansion

  • 7 x Attack Bone Tiles
  • 3 x Defense Bone Tiles
  • 3 x Reward Coin tokens
  • 1 x Oracle Knight token
  • 1 x Attack Rank token
  • 1 x Attack Target token 

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VIDEO: Oracle Knight Classic Klondike Solitaire Playthrough with DeckBones MICRO and playmat

VIDEO: Oracle Knight + Insurrection, Classic Klondike Solitaire Playthrough with DeckBones MICRO, Insurrection Attack Dice and playmat

VIDEO: Downloadable, printable PDF guide with Lore, Setup, How To Play, Insurrection & Variant Instructions, Attack Resolution Tables & Map (PDF available for download with component purchase)